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Email Business

(This is a post for a weekly writing challenge through WordPress.  Polly Wolly Designs will on occasion be participating in them, and they will hopefully relate somehow to my business or crafting journey.)

Plop.  Down I go into the computer chair.  My email login comes up, and after glancing around to be sure one of my brothers isn’t spying, I type in my password.  While it loads in, my brain twirls.  What if I have a notification of a big order waiting for me?

Sigh.  Sadly, I click through the inbox.  Oh, look, another offer from Wilton for some goofy shaped pan.  Delete.
Oh, look!  Someone is actually writing on their blog – huh! the idea.  That was really sweet – baby is so cute.  When will I ever meet him?  Delete.
The flavor of the day calendar for Culvers.  Andes Avelanche is the flavor of the day… on the day, of course, when I never go there.  Humph.  Delete?  Nope.  It just might come in handy.
Last but not least – a little line from a friend.  Make that three lines from a friend.  “Hi.”  “Hi.  You aren’t online.”  “You’re still not online”.  Laugh.  Delete.

Yeah, no business yet.  But that’s OK – wool hat business is always slow in the summer.  And, after all, business gets to be not fun.  But what I do get in my inbox is fun.  Even if I would never make a cake that shape, even if I won’t get to Culver’s on an Andes day, even if the consistency of other bloggy friends makes me realize how negligent I am at this, I get the kind of emails like the three I mentioned earlier.  Whether it’s the friend, or the mom, or the auntie, I almost always smile when I check email.  My inbox is in the business of life, and I love it!

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