Remember those Winds of Change?

Yeah, back to this again.

But, hey, pardon me while I get a teensy bit excited.  Because, as a first step towards those improvements I was talking about a couple months ago, there’s been a nor’easter that I didn’t expect.

I got on Pinterest, and began noticing all these cool crafting blogs that have this little floating read ‘P’ things.  I’m thinking, “hey, that’s pretty neat”, and trying for the life of me to connect my Pinterest account to WordPress for visibility (a marketing technique a lot of crafting blogs use).  I soon discovered that in order to do this, I needed special plugins that cost money.  Not only that, but WordPress’s HTML thing is different than what I needed to do other nifty things.

So, I got a little done with WordPress.

I’m now on blogger.  Find me at

If you need to find something, all my posts and media will still be hosted here, but prepare for a re-do when you head over to my new place.  Inspired my intention of expanding my business slightly to include a more adult customer base as well as still selling baby products, you’ll notice a youthfully spunky, yet vintage-y mature theme.  It’s still under construction, but I hope you like the new thing as well as I do!

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Pinterest Experiment II: Mobile Device Customization


Okay, so not exactly, because the thing I saw was for Apple products, and used some app that I didn’t really feel a need to download, even if it was available as an Android app. Which isn’t likely, being that there are a lot of app designers who only produce cool apps for the Apple market. And, yes, I am now whining.

But, regardless, the pin got me thinking, “What if I could figure out a way to make my tablet a little more, well, mine?” Much as I love Android, admittedly the wallpapers that come on the device are not the spunky, sweet, charming, bright, sunshiny, colorful backgrounds this Polly wants on her home screen.

And this is how I got started. As a potentially important note, the following instructions are for use within the Android Pinterest app, available through Google Play (Android’s app system, if you are a Apple nerd or don’t know much about Android). You should read through them, but there are instructions following on doing the same thing through your Chrome browser.

From Pinterest:

In the Pinterest ‘Design’ category board, I’ll often run across really cute pictures of textiles or scrapbook paper. So, if you find one of these you absolutely love, tap the pin. In the lower right-hand corner, you will see a settings button, and when you two it, select the option “save to device”.

When your notification bar in the upper left-hand corner says that the image is saved, go to your photo gallery. (At this point, I should mention that there is a possibility some of these buttons and photo galleries may be set up differently between tablets and phones, so if you have an Android phone, play around with it, and let me know through your comments how you did it.) In your photo gallery, at least on my device, will be an album labeled “Pins”. Just as long it’s in one of your albums, we’re good. If you need to crop a measuring tape out or would like to change anything with the small photo-editing software on your device, now’s the time to do it. Then, navigate to your home page, tap and hold until the option to select wallpaper from gallery, live wallpapers, or normal wallpapers appears, tap “From Gallery”, find your saved pin, and select it.

Now, it will ask you to define where you want it to crop. Crop it as large as you can, because, particularly in tablets, the pictures may not be very high quality, so the smaller your cropped image, the more pixelated your background. Hit “OK”, and enjoy your new home page!

From the Web:

If you have a picture in Chrome you would like to save to your device, click on the image. It should either open a window of the picture behind which you will see the original web page, or continue to the page it’s hosted on. In any case, tap and hold the picture, select “save to device”, and proceed as above.

{There is a possibility that some images may be under copyright, so if there is a watermark on the picture, either leave it in your cropped background, or don’t use it at all. We all love to share, but there are men and women making a livelihood off their photography or paper, and it is our responsibility to be sure we are honoring their work.}

Well, I had fun playing around! I hope you have found another cool thing to do with your techno-gadget that will brighten your day.

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Pinterest Experiment I: Almond Bread

Almond bread? It sounds a little weird, maybe, but it was a recipe I found on Pinterest today, and I decided to try it.
{For those others of you on Pinterest, I tend to be one of those pinners who pin things, but don’t try them. I have decided to try to fix that, and this is the first experiment of however-many-i-do.}

The link to the original recipe is here.
{For those of you who may be gluten-free, this recipe would be a super easy one to amend by exchanging the wheat flour with almond and coconut flours. Really, I’m sure you could use whatever gluten-free flour mix you wanted, these flours are just preferred as far as I’m concerned because I have reactions to white rice}

But, before we go any further, allow me to say that I edited the recipe quite a bit, so this is not one of those “Pinstrosity” kind of posts, you know, those wonderful cooks who test the recipes, and post about how bad a recipe it was so the world will avoid it at all costs. I was just trying it, and thought I would blog it while I was at it.

The changes made were, most notably, no poppy seeds. I love poppy seeds, but they don’t usually live in my cabinets, so I couldn’t bring them to the party. Or, more simply, I didn’t have any, so I didn’t use any. Also, we had hardly any oil, so I only used 3/4 cup oil instead of 1 1/8 cups, and it was half olive oil, and half coconut oil, instead of vegetable cooking oil. I didn’t foresee this being a problem, because there’s so much milk in it, and I used whole milk, so there was more fat from there, and instead of fake butter flavoring, I used real butter, which is healthier, anyway.  I wish I could have reduced the sugar, because it needs 2 1/4 cups, which seems like way to much for two loaves, but I did not mess with that because I felt like I had pushed my luck already. I also didn’t drizzle it, mainly because I don’t have orange juice, so as far as the orange glaze goes, “I know nussingk!” :-)

Well, it was very moist, but both loaves seemed a little dense, and while I absolutely love almond flavoring, having it in something so bready was a little weird. The flavor was fine, it just took some getting used to the taste with that texture. I was going to eat it the way I do lemon poppy seed bread, plain with no butter, but the somewhat “sharp” taste of the almond extract needed the softening of some butter. I think the glaze is what would make this dessert bread phenomenal. I’m not going to toss the recipe, pulling it down from my virtual corkboard, but if I try again, serving it with some ice cream or some other complimentary dessert item would be better. As a final note, it may just be my circa 1950 electric oven, but I had to bake these loaves for about 80 minutes, which is 20-30 minutes longer than the recipe calls for. Do what you like with that info, but there it is. :-)

My PollyPinRating is 4 out of 5. My edits to the recipe may have done it no favors, but it was just a tad dense, and without some other flavors balancing the almond, the taste buds get a little weary of the flavor. The amount of unhealthy ingredients in the recipe also goes into this number; namely white sugar and cooking oil.

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Polly Wolly Designs and “The Winds of Change”

We’ve most of us seen that movie. The one-eyed green monster mocking the creepy invisible slithery one in the fashion of a taunting f child. “(Cue high, bright, nasal tone) Hear that? That’s ‘The Winds of Change…'”

My business is quite unlike Monsters, Inc. For example, I don’t run my knitting needles on the screams of children. I love kids, which is why I knit for them. But some minor changes will be taking place that will affect my customers in potentially large ways.

First of all, while I will not be neglecting those darling babies in the least, I will be expanding my business so the mommies, aunties, and second cousin’s grandma’s stepdaughter will find something for them here, as well. This was one of my biggest complaints over the last two years. “I like your work, but you don’t sell adult hats, or adult sizes! All you’ve got is up to 2+.” With a smile, I would ask them if they were older than two, but I knew in all seriousness that if I could expand my base to include some stylish hats, making it clear that they were intended for adults, I would be making it easier to earn their business.
What this means for me is that by September, I’ll have phased in a line of adult hats as well as other knit accessories which are at the present moment classified— that means I don’t have a complete picture of what that will look like, and can’t discuss it until I do. :-)

Secondly, specific color choices for custom products are coming down. I can’t say exactly when, but all my products will be stocked versus made to order. There will be a wide range of colors and combinations available, but after three years of business, I have used only about a baker’s dozen or maybe a score of colors for every hat I have ever made. Custom orders will still be accepted, but will not be advertised on my site. So you, my faithful followers, may order what you please, but only you or your friends in-the-know… Just be prepared to pay more. Details will come out as they evolve. :-)

Do not be frightened. Very little will change, really. Just a breeze-worth. But whether you’re a cute little human, a funny-lookin’ monster, or a classy girl on the town, I hope that gentle whipping of your hair improves your shopping experience with me, and makes you and your little ones feel fashionable and cozy.

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This One!

Doing this kind of thing is fun!  :)

The winner picture is image number…6!

She’s very happy about it, and so am I!

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Which One?

This is my first post in a very long time.

But I have been keeping busy, knitting for craft shows around the country, making gazillions (okay, I exaggerate) of Christmas gifts, and filling custom orders.

But, even though all those things are fun, I like doing what I’ve been doing this past week – graphic design.  Oh, very basic.  Not like my uncle, or even my auntie, who are true computer-artists.  I do logos.  And I got to make around eighteen or so as my photographer customer decided which watermark she wanted.  Which one do you think she chose?


CollageChristineANneClick on the image, and it should make it bigger.  Post a comment to guess!  I’ll let you know which one in a bit!

(Guess by numbering from left to right, starting with the top row, and moving down)




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Email Business

(This is a post for a weekly writing challenge through WordPress.  Polly Wolly Designs will on occasion be participating in them, and they will hopefully relate somehow to my business or crafting journey.)

Plop.  Down I go into the computer chair.  My email login comes up, and after glancing around to be sure one of my brothers isn’t spying, I type in my password.  While it loads in, my brain twirls.  What if I have a notification of a big order waiting for me?

Sigh.  Sadly, I click through the inbox.  Oh, look, another offer from Wilton for some goofy shaped pan.  Delete.
Oh, look!  Someone is actually writing on their blog – huh! the idea.  That was really sweet – baby is so cute.  When will I ever meet him?  Delete.
The flavor of the day calendar for Culvers.  Andes Avelanche is the flavor of the day… on the day, of course, when I never go there.  Humph.  Delete?  Nope.  It just might come in handy.
Last but not least – a little line from a friend.  Make that three lines from a friend.  “Hi.”  “Hi.  You aren’t online.”  “You’re still not online”.  Laugh.  Delete.

Yeah, no business yet.  But that’s OK – wool hat business is always slow in the summer.  And, after all, business gets to be not fun.  But what I do get in my inbox is fun.  Even if I would never make a cake that shape, even if I won’t get to Culver’s on an Andes day, even if the consistency of other bloggy friends makes me realize how negligent I am at this, I get the kind of emails like the three I mentioned earlier.  Whether it’s the friend, or the mom, or the auntie, I almost always smile when I check email.  My inbox is in the business of life, and I love it!

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Olympics are over…

…and America has more medals than China, plus beating the Russians in gymnastics.  I’d say we had a pretty good year.  We demonstrated to the world that free society and a capitalistic marketplace is the best one for inspiring competition.


Best of all, Gabby Douglas won gold.  And that made me very happy.  Gabby’s smile is continuous and contagious, and her performances were a ton of fun to watch, even when she did mess up, because of the joy she demonstrated while performing.  I was cheering for her in the all-around instead of Aly, because she was just a little pouty-looking, and battling an attitude.  But I was very, very happy to hear that Aly got gold in floor.  She deserved it.  The Russians finished second and third in the all-around, and after years of their producing top-notch gymnasts, it was great to watch the US beat them.

One final thing: the design point of this post.   Someone was not thinking when they let the American coaches wear red shirts.  It clashed with the magenta-ish pink of the American leotards.  It’s  not that big a deal, though.  Pink looks great with gold. ♥

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Happy Birthday to my Pets

Yes, yes.  I know.  How silly.  But here it is: my favorite kitty cats in the entire world are a year old (actually, they turned one about a month ago, maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago).  They are a year old to me, because it was one afternoon one year ago, that a mama cat decided she trusted us enough to bring my family three of her five kittens.  The other two would not obey her call, and she was not interested in going back for them.  two days later, on June 18, we had just come back from a baby shower, and Mama still would not feed the other kittens left behind in the barn across the street (we live in town, the house was abandoned).  So I went over there, and after much heartache got the other two captured and, while they would never admit it, saved.  One of them, in fact, is still very nervous with me.

But the cute-hearts are a year old.  What a year it has been.  I realized that I have to smile every day at least once, because every time I look at them, I am reminded of how cozy, sweet, and downright hilarious they are.

So, allow me to (potentially) bore you with my kitty family.

Mama Catt – I know.  Original name, right?  She has been called that for the last couple years of her neighborhood stray life, and knows it.  Kind of.  She is very sweet, and every time I think of how she was betrayed, my heart rises.  There was no reason to leave her.  She is the best female feline I have every pet.  Her knead is unlike any other cat’s.  She vibrates as she kneads, and it gives a tickly sort of massage sensation.  I’ve thought about opening up a shop, and charging two bucks a massage, but PETA would have things to say about that.  :)  She is now completely indoor, and shows little inclination to return to her previous state.

Fiddle – “My good boy”.  He is my cat, and believes that I am his person “with every fiber of his being”. I think of him as my Bolt cat, and an example of the previously unknown species called a “puppy cat.”  We play this game called “Come Get Me.”  He literally chases me around until I stop.  I then give him a pet, and we start all over.  While I have not yet completed the work of training him to sit (it’s a lot harder to do with six than with the one we had before), his desire to please me and my family goes above and beyond that of many a pure-blooded canine.

Dilly – Oh, boy.  Dilly is another “puppy cat.”   If you could imagine a wonderful, spunky friend who likes potato chips just that little bit too much, and then make him a cat, Dilly would be that cat.  Dilly rolls over to get us to pet his tummy (um, a behavior never before seen in previously owned kitties).  Dilly sits on the piano keyboard when I’m working diligently on Moonlight Sonata to get attention, while simultaneously biting my music and throwing it everywhere.  Dilly is just a “regular chum”, and a “jolly good fellow” of a cat, and I love him very dearly.

Pipes – Okay, another person in a cat analogy.  Sorry, folks.  Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.  He is kind; to those who deserve it.  He is quiet, and you can’t touch his heart easily, but when you do, you find it is soft, and good.  Well, folks this is Pipes.  Unlike Mr. Darcy, she is a girl, and a dear heart.  But she is very aloof, and considers herself above many of our visitors.  However: fear not, Miss Lizzies of kitty-admirers.  She has the refined air that must “displease some, and appear proud”, while you may come to say “but I have seen nothing of it.”

Java – Ooh, he is a grand one.  Black sleekness.  Only thing, he is loud.  He caterwauls like you’ve never heard before (unless, of course, you happen to be outside while a kitty courtship is hitting off somewhere in the neighborhood).  He is  “sticky”, that is, once he is enjoying you petting and talking to him, there is no way he’s going anywhere quickly.  He loves people, but spends far too much of his time attempting daring escapes into places he doesn’t belong.  Other names we have considered as better ones for him were Yamaha (piano company), Suzuki (another piano company, and important name in the musical pedagogy world), and Houdini.

Cookie Do – Perhaps, it might be Cooky Do Do.  No, she really is very sweet when she wants to be, but is still very spooked of people after the whole rescuing incident (she and Java were the ones left behind.  Java’s over it.  Cookie is not.)  She loves my mom, and spends all morning running to and from the stairs, looking and waiting for her to come upstairs for family worship time.  It’s really a pretty sight.  Mom sits in the same chair every morning with her iced OrganoGold coffee, with Cookie Do on her lap.  But as for me, Cookie is not always on my radar screen.  She is definitely Mom’s cat.  :)

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