Remember those Winds of Change?

Yeah, back to this again.

But, hey, pardon me while I get a teensy bit excited.  Because, as a first step towards those improvements I was talking about a couple months ago, there’s been a nor’easter that I didn’t expect.

I got on Pinterest, and began noticing all these cool crafting blogs that have this little floating read ‘P’ things.  I’m thinking, “hey, that’s pretty neat”, and trying for the life of me to connect my Pinterest account to WordPress for visibility (a marketing technique a lot of crafting blogs use).  I soon discovered that in order to do this, I needed special plugins that cost money.  Not only that, but WordPress’s HTML thing is different than what I needed to do other nifty things.

So, I got a little done with WordPress.

I’m now on blogger.  Find me at

If you need to find something, all my posts and media will still be hosted here, but prepare for a re-do when you head over to my new place.  Inspired my intention of expanding my business slightly to include a more adult customer base as well as still selling baby products, you’ll notice a youthfully spunky, yet vintage-y mature theme.  It’s still under construction, but I hope you like the new thing as well as I do!

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