Polly Wolly Designs and “The Winds of Change”

We’ve most of us seen that movie. The one-eyed green monster mocking the creepy invisible slithery one in the fashion of a taunting f child. “(Cue high, bright, nasal tone) Hear that? That’s ‘The Winds of Change…'”

My business is quite unlike Monsters, Inc. For example, I don’t run my knitting needles on the screams of children. I love kids, which is why I knit for them. But some minor changes will be taking place that will affect my customers in potentially large ways.

First of all, while I will not be neglecting those darling babies in the least, I will be expanding my business so the mommies, aunties, and second cousin’s grandma’s stepdaughter will find something for them here, as well. This was one of my biggest complaints over the last two years. “I like your work, but you don’t sell adult hats, or adult sizes! All you’ve got is up to 2+.” With a smile, I would ask them if they were older than two, but I knew in all seriousness that if I could expand my base to include some stylish hats, making it clear that they were intended for adults, I would be making it easier to earn their business.
What this means for me is that by September, I’ll have phased in a line of adult hats as well as other knit accessories which are at the present moment classified— that means I don’t have a complete picture of what that will look like, and can’t discuss it until I do. :-)

Secondly, specific color choices for custom products are coming down. I can’t say exactly when, but all my products will be stocked versus made to order. There will be a wide range of colors and combinations available, but after three years of business, I have used only about a baker’s dozen or maybe a score of colors for every hat I have ever made. Custom orders will still be accepted, but will not be advertised on my site. So you, my faithful followers, may order what you please, but only you or your friends in-the-know… Just be prepared to pay more. Details will come out as they evolve. :-)

Do not be frightened. Very little will change, really. Just a breeze-worth. But whether you’re a cute little human, a funny-lookin’ monster, or a classy girl on the town, I hope that gentle whipping of your hair improves your shopping experience with me, and makes you and your little ones feel fashionable and cozy.

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  1. O Polly – *sigh* – this is grand! And such a lovely way with words, you have…I very much enjoy it; but, you knew thaaaaat. ;)

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