Olympics are over…

…and America has more medals than China, plus beating the Russians in gymnastics.  I’d say we had a pretty good year.  We demonstrated to the world that free society and a capitalistic marketplace is the best one for inspiring competition.


Best of all, Gabby Douglas won gold.  And that made me very happy.  Gabby’s smile is continuous and contagious, and her performances were a ton of fun to watch, even when she did mess up, because of the joy she demonstrated while performing.  I was cheering for her in the all-around instead of Aly, because she was just a little pouty-looking, and battling an attitude.  But I was very, very happy to hear that Aly got gold in floor.  She deserved it.  The Russians finished second and third in the all-around, and after years of their producing top-notch gymnasts, it was great to watch the US beat them.

One final thing: the design point of this post.   Someone was not thinking when they let the American coaches wear red shirts.  It clashed with the magenta-ish pink of the American leotards.  It’s  not that big a deal, though.  Pink looks great with gold. ♥

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