The Violinist’s Vacuum

Yes, you read that right.  This is what happens when you start teaching something.  Things start popping up as pedagogy tools all over the place.

When you’re teaching violin, pencils are used to teach proper bow technique, balls are placed to help keep the correct distance between your palm and the neck of your instrument, and popsicle sticks with Velcro straps force a beginner student to keep the right wrist position.  But I’m guessing that few teachers implement vacuums.  While my student cannot afford such an expensive pedagogical tool, I delight in sharing with you the ideal vacuum for instructing your violin pupil in proper bow hand fluidity.

The “Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Vacuum – Model NV356”.

Now.  Why is it that I would highly recommend this vacuum to violinists of all ages and abilities?  Because of its swivel head feature.

This vacuum is steered by rotating the handle.  This means (drumroll, please) that you can vacuum your room simply by turning the wrist.  You can turn it the way you turn most vacuums, too, but for violinists, the ability to rotate your wrist independent of your elbow and shoulder is crucial to good form.  Another plus is that it also puts little to no strain on the muscles between your individual arm joints (shoulder to elbow, elbow to wrist).

Violinists, particularly fiddlers, need their arms to be as relaxed as possible in playing.  Training one’s arm to remain in a root position from the shoulder to elbow allows the elbow and wrist to do their thing.  One thing, perhaps the thing, that violinists need to look out for is tightness in their joints, and the absence of fluid motion.  Tight muscles lead to fatigue, and even bad circulation by cutting of blood supply.  This vacuum, if used with its swivel head feature, would help fiddlers and classical players alike reinforce that circular wrist action so necessary for good form–in a common, everyday, extra-practicing section of our time.  And for those of my readers who don’t play this awesome instrument, I would say two things:

– Number One –
Consider picking it up.  Hah!  You probably felt that coming.

– Number Two –
I would still get this vacuum.  The swivel head feature reduces strain on the joints and muscles that everyone could benefit from.  Relaxed form is crucial not just to musicians but all people who want to live an ache-free life.


Yes.  *sigh*.  Who knew musicians and vacuuming could be such good buddies? ♥



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