I still have cats.  They still have fleas.

Oh, well.  It’s the life of a country girl I guess. LOL.

But the colonies are diminishing.  There are fewer fleas, and more good times.  However, itchiness prevails.  I don’t know why Mama Catt insists on pulling out her fur!  We got them fixed and changed their food simultaneously, really, so much disruption has occurred in their feline lives.  We went back to their old food, and hopefully the fur will stay in from now on.

Cats are not boring, dull, obnoxious, unfeeling, always bad creatures.  All of my cats have distinct, sweet personalities, and I love every one of them.  I know there are a lot of people out there who hate cats.  I can understand disliking a cat.  I dislike fish and rats.  But there is no good reason to hate a cat. You have to own a cat to know a cat.

Notice, I said always bad.  They are, I grant you, consistently bad.  For example, we came home from church one day to find that cats got into my mom’s yarn stash (NOT my business yarn, no worries), and tried their hand at knitting.  Their first attempt failed miserably, and only produced a living/dining room tied together in a web. of. yarn.  Oh, bad kittens.  How can you look at me so innocently?  Ah, well, it was funny, though my poor mother was so very unimpressed that she refused to take a picture of it.
And you cats know that the table is an eating surface, not a seating surface.  And when will you learn that when you stick your paws in a printer, bad things happen?  And why is it that the cursor on a computer screen drives you distracted, and you press buttons that I never even knew existed?

But, yet, you see, even as I write this, I have two cats on my lap.  Mama Catt and I have conversations.
“Is that so, sweet one?”
“I wouldn’t have guessed!”
“Mbrrow, mrew, mrowrey.”
“That’s how that happened?  I’m sorry!  If I’d known it was Java, I would have cuddled and kissed and desperately annoyed him instead!”

It’s funny to see them try to hide from my music.  Vocal warm ups and violin concertos don’t please their sensitive ears so well.  Cookie Do beat all when she found the perfect place to hide.

If you can’t tell, that’s my violin case.  Perhaps, she was trying to butter me up and communicate that my playing was her lullaby, and she didn’t want me to put it away.  Or perhaps, she’s being a cat, and sleeping in places that are just purrrfectly cat-sized.

And, Java has put his paws on my shoulder, purring away, and looking up in my eyes.  Ah, yes.  Cats are my happy place.  ♥


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