A Year in Crafting…

Well, I’ve made a lot of stuff this season, but the year for me is a lot of ideas.  So let me share them.

1 – My future yarn storage system.

Mom and I are going to build, as part of my closet in my future room, a wine rack-like system to hold my yarn.  I got this idea from Lion Yarn.  Their yarn studio (retail store) uses this in their displays:


2 – A beautiful book I found to help me with my business:

It’s an amazing resource, and cost a bit, but I love to look at it.


3- I learned how to safely craft food.  Yes, I am now a certified Food Service Service and Sanitation Manager, and our family is exploring the different opportunities I will have to use my learning. :)  So, if you ever need to know which temperature your meat, poultry, fish or pork needs to be cooked to, give me a call and I’ll bore you with a longer answer than you needed. :)


4 – I did my first craft show in TX.  My Auntie so graciously added my stuff to her booth(s), and caused a great season of sales for me.  My craft show here in IL did not go so well, but, oh well: that’s how these things go.


5 – I am so glad I’ve got such good crafters as my friends and family.  I learn tons from them, especially Mom and Granny.  Thanks a ton!


Alright, well those five things have been the highlights of my crafting year.  Merry Christmas to you all, and may your New Year be the next one of many!

– Polly B. ♥


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  1. Sophia

    Uh! I love. =)

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