More from the Kitty Haven…

My parents call this behavior “Diva Sleeping”  Pipes is an expert.


I have a lot of people ask me: “So, how are those fleas doing?”  I don’t know.  I haven’t asked them.   But they seem to be doing alright, as reproduction is at an all-time high.  Efficiency seems to be improving, and standard of living isn’t too bad–plenty to eat.  Overall, I think they’re probably doing alright, now that you mention it.  Although, others aren’t doing so well.  Like the thousands (maybe millions?) that are in our water and soap buckets.

Water and soap?  Yep.  For those who may not remember science experiments from middle school, dish soap breaks the water tension, or the skin, or water.  So, the current method of attack is as follows:

1) Take the comb of death and comb out fleas.
2) Use the fleshy finger of death to push the fleas off the comb of death…
3) Into the gross reddish soapy water of death.

So, then, why do we need to break the water tension beforehand?  Fleas are light enough that they don’t break the skin of the water.  In fact, they can jump right off of it back out into the world where far too many already itchy living things will pick them back up.  That is bad.  Very bad.  Did I mention it was bad?  Anyway, we need to break the skin for them, so that they drown.

Right now, then, we are controlling the fleas, not exactly eliminating them.  That may have to wait until winter.  Fleas die in temperatures below 50 degrees.  Because of our lack of insulation in our c. 1862 church building home, that will be easy to accomplish, simply by leaving our heat off for a while.  I don’t really know exactly how or when they will be done away with, but good grief!  I am so tired of dealing with these things that I don’t even laugh at flea jokes anymore.  It’s simply not a laughing matter.  Okay, sometimes I do, but they have to be impugning enough.  What I do laugh at is spraying them with CedarCide and watching them shrivel up and die.  My dad told me I was cruel.  Yes.  I am the Cruella de Vil of fleas (100,000,001 Fleas.  Hmmm.  I should talk to Disney about that one.).  Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ♥



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2 responses to “More from the Kitty Haven…

  1. FeeFee

    Hahahahahahaha! You just make me laugh and smile so much, Polly. =) I am really sorry that the fleas aren’t annihilated yet…I hope it happens within the very near future. =)

  2. Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

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