Are you having this much fun?

One word: kittens.

This picture is not the best; it was taken with my little bro’s point and shoot, but my camera is out of battery, so this shall have to do.

There are a total of six cats in the home part of my house right now.  I promise they have not been near my wool, particularly right now; we are fighting a flea and worm infestation.  Yeah, yuck.  No, we do not have quarantine sign on our door, and we are still accepting visitors.  No worries, friends.  Fleas do not like the taste of people skin.

One positive thing about this whole thing: ‘diatomaceous’ is now a household word.  Confused?  Look up natural deworming.

They are very sweet, except when you’re trying to help them.  Cute?  Absolutely, exponentially.  Cuddly?  Nope.  They’re kittens.  Kittens play.  Play is the world, world is play.  Play is play and play and play and play.  Unless sleep is sleep and sleep and sleep some more.  But definitely mostly play and play and play and play.

Are you having this much fun? ♥



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4 responses to “Are you having this much fun?

  1. FeeFee

    Ah! So cute! =) Hhmm, play and sleep eh? Sounds like they’ve got it made. ;)

  2. Allie Christine

    Fiddle and Dilly! Are the fleas getting any better since yesterday?

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