The Royal Wedding

I think I am probably the only blogger in blogosphere that has not touched on this yet.

Let me say this:

Princess Kate is gorgeous.
Princess Kate’s dress was gorgeous.
Prince William is dashing.

Their guests?  Well, England’s hats are something, and many people have taken advantage of this to make fun of some nob-toppers.

As an example:

In fact, these particular ladies have been compared to Cinderella’s stepsisters in a collage that has been circulated widely on facebook.  It would be funnier if they hadn’t retouched and photoshopped it.  But the following picture was sent by a family member from WI, and it topped it all.

Now, since this a crafting blog, I am curious as to how they make those hats, but was very impressed with the wedding gown itself.  Gorgeousness itself.  Tasteful and elegant but absolutely lovely.  Congratulations, Prince William and Princess Kate! ♥



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3 responses to “The Royal Wedding

  1. Granny

    Queen Elizabeth is obviously a Packer fan, but she is also prepared should something heavy drop out of the sky. The cheesehead hat is made of foam, and would cushion the blow.

  2. Sophia

    Ah! Love the post, Polly! =)

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