Can You Believe This? Part 2

Two things that get to me:

~Busyness (too many elements of something, particularly as it relates to crafting)
~Misspelling or other super obvious grammar issues.

Now, I am not a grammar expert.  I really don’t know everything on this subject, but I do know that this poster made me shake my head.  “No way.”  I thought.  “This place needs some help.”  My mom likes to call this “If only they’d asked me first.”

In case you can’t really read it, the sentence in bright yellow reads:

“At my Wendy’s we Love our customers. They are always our 1st priority.”

First, there’s the capitalization issue. “…Wendy’s we *Love*…”

Oh, dear.

Besides that, look at that decorating!  The “Wendys” are kind of cute, but the stickers say things like “enjoy the good times”, “paradise” and “love”.  Has anybody else heard of the “rule of three”?  It applies to lots of things in life.  Photography (in this instance, actually called “the rule of thirds”), arranging candles or flowers and graphic design.  I love all *three* of these things, and do a lot of them for various project types (you can ask me about that later), and someone needs to help the people at Wendy’s grasp the concept.  I love 3. ♥

PS : Did you know that I always end a blog post with that heart character?  Do you know how I do it? I press alt. and 3.  Hah!


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