WARNING: You may (or may not) think this picture is cool.

Before I show it to you, I wanted to tell you that my Dad thinks that the images I post should not have watermarks.  So, from henceforth, don’t worry about copying images from this site–just please don’t sell them as your own (they really aren’t all that good, but just in case…)

Without further ado, here’s the pic:

Oooooooh.  Seriously.  This spider web spanned from gravestone to gravestone: about 2-3 feet apart.  I wanted to post it separately for two reasons:

First, some people are goofy, and hate spiders, so squeal (or worse) when they see one–so I wanted to warn people.  I really do like them–just not in my soup or hair.  Or shower.  Or closet.  Or… Anyway…

Secondly, we all know that all good things come in threes–like my brothers and I. :D –and I didn’t want to put it in with the last ones because then there would be four.  Get it? Anyway…

But, on a happier note, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!  I won’t tell what day or how old I’m turning, but I know what one of my gifts is (my parents bought it with me watching, etc, and told me it was part of my gift–I’m not a sneak) and it is something CRAFTY!  I’m not going to say what it is yet (my parents told me to forget they got it–can you believe it, they were joking.  Whew!), but let this hint suffice: I really like Jane Austen.  I’m rather bouncy, and can’t wait to get started!

Well, ciao for now, and I hope my title didn’t scare you off from reading the rest of this post. ♥



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