Crocheted Rug

After spending almost a week camping at a historical resort, where I saw this cool rug, I was itching to try it myself.

However, I didn’t have a crochet hook large enough, nor did I have any fabric strips, being that our family is getting ready to move, and most of our stuff is in storage.  Well, I come downstairs one day, and my brother Bub reveals this:

Yes.  A maple crochet hook that he whittled (with a bit of help from my dad and his buddy) himself.  Whoo Hoo!  Happy Dance!

Of course, I was now itchy to get fabric to rip into strips, so dear Dad brought me to the local thrift store to buy me a sheet or two.  I commenced, and continued until I ran out of strips.  So, right now, it looks like a placemat:

I can’t wait to keep going, and to see how big I can get the rug.  But, for now, with school starting back up, it’s an imaginary place mat. ♥



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3 responses to “Crocheted Rug

  1. FeeFee

    How fantastic! And your crocheting needle is very beautiful. =)

  2. Sarah McD.

    How sweet of him!! He did a good job, too. As did you! ;) It looks wonderful, please show us when you’re all done, whenever that happens to be.

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